Hery Tri Basuki & Sulistyorini (Asia Pacific)

Executive President’s Team Member Hery Tri Basuki was the recipient of the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) 2017 Global Humanitarian Award.

Hery believes that the more successful he is in business, the more he should give back to those in need. His consistent effort has helped him build a successful Herbalife business, and he has been able to give back considerably to his community. Out of his commitment to education, Hery provided a scholarship which helped several underprivileged children to receive quality schooling. Hery contributed to the construction of an orphanage house and a school in his community. He also teaches foster children and supports other education and social organizations in Indonesia.

HNF would also like to commend the altruistic efforts of the 2017 Regional Humanitarian winners from around the world.

  • North America Regional Humanitarian — Style Bell 
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa Regional Humanitarians — Brett & Kelly Yeatman 
  • South & Central America Regional Humanitarians — Lupe Quiñones & Julián Mejía 
  • Brazil Regional Humanitarian — Valdete & Marcelino Cristovão 
  • Mexico Regional Humanitarian — Angélica Cruz