Herbalife CEO Michael Johnson Visits Casas in Celebration of HFF’s 30th Anniversary

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Herbalife CEO Michael Johnson recently visited two Casa Herbalife partners in North America in honor of the Herbalife Family Foundation’s 30th Anniversary.

“Thirty years of Herbalife giving back to the community is spectacular,” said Johnson. “It shows our heart and what we’re all about. It shows how we build communities.”

Thirty years ago, our founder Mark Hughes had a dream to help provide nutrition to vulnerable children and families around the world, and we’re so proud his legacy continues to this day. HFF currently supports 176 Casa Herbalife programs in 61 countries worldwide.

“I think Mark would be unbelievably pleased, from where this started in the very humble beginnings in the favelas of San Paulo, to where we are today globally with all of Casa Herbalife programs touching the lives of thousands of kids every single day.” said Johnson.

Johnson visited the Casa Herbalife partner, Best Choice Center, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to share nutritional wisdom and help make Herbalife shakes with the Casa Kids. HFF has supported Best Choice Center’s after school nutritional program for years by providing nutritional education food subsidy.

Johnson also visited A Place Called Home (APCH) in Los Angeles, one of our first Casas in the United States, to speak with the Casa Kids and participate in sports and different activities with the children.

“To have the support of Herbalife and the Foundation means so much to us here at A Place Called Home,” said Norayma Cabot, APCH CEO. “The partnership has really helped us grow our gardening program. Kids know how to grow food, where food comes form, what’s nutritious for them. They’re also able to harvest the fruits that we grow here. It’s so incredible the amount of support that the Herbalife Foundation has given to us.”