Herbalife’s Samantha Clayton Shares Family Fitness Tips

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Exercising with your family is a fun activity that helps build relationships and strength together with your kids. Fitness and sports teach the youth how to lead by example, how to stay active, as well as other transferable life skills.

Samantha Clayton recently shared the importance of staying active as a family during a recent Casa Herbalife visit in Los Angeles.

“Getting the kids up and out and moving their bodies for at least 60 minutes a day, is really important from a young age, all the way up to late teens,” said Samantha, Vice Chair of the Herbalife Fitness Advisory Board. “Their body is developing, and movement really helps with that development.”

Samantha also added that fitness doesn’t have to require long, high-level exercises all the time.

“It could be simple things like walking the dog, doing some stairs, doing some simple exercises, but anything other than sitting still. I encourage everybody!”

Have fun staying active as a family! Check out more tips from Samantha below.