Global Humanitarian 2016

Sara Alfaro (Mexico)

President’s Team member Sara Alfaro from Mexico was the recipient of Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) 2016 Global Humanitarian Award.

Sara has been part of Herbalife Nutrition since 1993, the year she was inspired by the passion of Herbalife Nutrition Founder and First Member Mark Hughes (1956–2000) to help others, especially children. Ever since, she has dedicated herself to following in his footsteps and helping to improve people’s lives. Sara has made a name for herself at Herbalife Nutrition, consistently appearing as a top donor to the Casa Herbalife Program. Along with her generosity, one of Sara’s most notable traits is her ability to rally support for Casa Herbalife programs, including reaching out to family, friends and others who are interested in helping out. Those who know her best say that her enthusiasm is contagious and that she is gifted at motivating people to follow in her path and offer their help.

HNF would also like to commend the altruistic efforts of the 2016 Regional Humanitarian winners from around the world.

• Asia Pacific Regional Humanitarians — Jeung Sok Ko & Bong Ok Lee
• Europe, Middle East & Africa Regional Humanitarian — Marylin De Vlieger
• North America Regional Humanitarian — Enrique Carrillo
• South & Central America Regional Humanitarian — Manuel Estrada