Herbalife Employee & Distributor FAQ

What is our relationship with Herbalife?

Herbalife Family Foundation is a completely separate US 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Herbalife pays for our administrative costs (i.e. staff salaries and travel expenses), so that the funds raised can be used for helping children in need.


How are Herbalife Distributors helping Herbalife Family Foundation?

Herbalife employees, Independent Distributors, friends and families all play a crucial role in supporting our mission. Distributors have the option to donate when ordering products or directly on our site, while employees can make automatic payroll contributions to Herbalife Family Foundation. Additionally, many regions have started their own monthly giving programs to support the Casa Herbalife programs in their own communities. The involvement of Herbalife Family Foundation supporters stems from so much more than just financial donations. For years, Herbalife Independent Distributors, employees and friends have visited their local Casa Herbalife programs to spend time with the children. These positive interactions with Herbalife Family Foundation volunteers enforce hope and confidence in children who may have come from abusive or neglectful backgrounds.


How do you support Casa Herbalife programs?

The Casa Herbalife program supports the overall wellness of children through financial support to existing charitable organizations around the world. Casa Herbalife programs receive funding from Herbalife Family Foundation on an annual, ongoing basis.


Where do the funds that are raised go?

Funds raised support Casa Herbalife programs and disaster relief efforts.


How do you select which programs to support?

Through the Casa Herbalife program, Herbalife Family Foundation looks for a charitable organization that helps children AND wants to provide better nutrition AND is already supported by Herbalife Independent Members or Herbalife staff members. Want to recommend a program for Casa Herbalife? Get in touch.


Why is childhood nutrition so important?

Chronic undernutrition in early life is linked to many adverse later life outcomes including reduced schooling, poorer cognitive skills, lower earnings and a higher likelihood of living in poverty. By providing proper nutrition and education, we give children the opportunity to improve their physical and cognitive development and ability to learn in the future. With access to caring adults and professionals, these programs can also provide a safety net and nurturing support network for the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach children. To learn more, check out our childhood nutrition fact sheet.