Humanitarian Award

2024 Global and Regional Humanitarians of the Year

Nominations were received from around the world and were anonymously evaluated based on the nominee’s philanthropic activity, community leadership, volunteerism and advocacy. Through their outstanding involvement and dedication, these incredible people have made a significant contribution to changing lives.

In addition to this amazing accomplishment, our Global Humanitarian of the Year will receive $30,000 to donate to a charitable organization of their choice, and Regional Humanitarians will receive $10,000 each to also donate to charitable organizations of their choice.

Alan Lu & Zoy Wen – Asia Pacific – Global Humanitarians and Asia Pacific Humanitarians

Alan Lu and Zoy Wen strongly believe that the chain of kindness can change the world. For over a decade, Alan and Zoy have consistently given back to their community and HFF by devoting over 600 volunteer hours, donating funds, and encouraging others to do the same.

By the end of 2022, they led over 700 people to join a variety of charity programs, including CASA friends. In fact, 300 distributors followed their lead to become CASA friends, which has accounted for over 60% of the total number of CASA friends in Taiwan.

From volunteering at food banks, to donating COVID-19 supplies, to even rebuilding houses for families in need every year, Alan and Zoy are living proof of the cycle of kindness.

Rodica Macadrai – Europe & Africa Regional Humanitarian of the Year

Rodica Macadrai is a passionate giver and advocate of HFF. Over the years, she has promoted HFF at Herbalife trainings, donated time and resources, and pushed for a Casa Herbalife presence in Romania. Because of Rodica’s persistence and leadership, HFF began a partnership with Asociaţia Ana Şi Copiii and since the Casa’s inception, the Foundation has granted hundreds of thousands to help over 100 children in need.

Rodica believes in Mark Hughes’ idea that giving back is instilled in Herbalife’s mission and she inspires others to do the same.

Ravi Sundaram & Anitha Ravi – India Regional Humanitarians of the Year

Ravi Sundaram and Anitha Ravi have volunteered and generously given to HFF, and its Casa Herbalife partners, for over twenty years. They believe it’s important to support charitable causes, like HFF, to help provide access to quality nutrition and education for those who need it most.

Ravi and Anitha stepped up most during the Global Pandemic when India faced unprecedented challenges. They showed their dedication to the welfare of his community by becoming the highest donor of Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

Rinaldo V. Porcile and Maritza Del Valle-Porcile – North America Regional Humanitarian of the Year

Rinaldo V. Porcile and Maritza Del Valle-Porcile have provided unwavering support to students from under-resourced communities for over 30 years. Their impactful contributions to the EduCare Foundation have helped provide transformational education, after school programs, and student support services to youth in Los Angeles.

Over 350,000 students have graduated from Educare’s Foundation since Rinaldo and Maritza helped shaped their first program back in 1987! They are a living example of how education can make a lasting impact.

Vinicio Cevallos – South and Central America Regional Humanitarian of the Year

Vinicio Cevallos has consistently supported HFF and several organizations in Ecuador, including our Casa Herbalife partner, Fundación Sinsoluka. His empathy and consistent annual contributions have been a source of inspiration to the children of the after-school center.

Vinicio is always the first to promote and donate to HFF fundraising campaigns, and he also encourages other Herbalife Independent Distributors to contribute their time, recourses, and/or funds.

He is also part of the Social Responsibility Committee of Ecuador, where he helps promote strategies for different social organizations in the country.

Gustavo Chávez Partida – Mexico Regional Humanitarian of the Year

Gustavo Chávez Partida is an active philanthropist in Mexico, who consistently visits Casa Herbalife programs, donates food and clothing to people in need, and supports community events. Gustavo takes pride in being an exemplary leader who teaches Herbalife Independent Distributors about the importance of HFF’s mission during his trainings.

Gustavo also teams up with organizations in Tepic to bring gifts to children every January and also visits our Casa Herbalife partner in Colima to do the same.

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