Our Mission

Mark Hughes

The Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) was founded by Mark Hughes (1956-2000) — a visionary who believed that nutritious food was the roadmap to living a healthy and productive life and that everyone should have access to it. The Herbalife Family Foundation is a global non-profit and public charity dedicated to our Founder’s vision: to amplify the lives of children and communities globally.

Herbalife Family Foundation

In 2023, Herbalife Family Foundation’s Casa Herbalife program provided over 206,000 children across global communities with the proper nutrition needed to lead enriching lives. Since 2005, HFF, with the help from our generous donors, has granted over $50 million USD to organizations around the world. Since its inception, we have provided funding for 178 nonprofit organizations, such as, hospitals, orphanages, schools, and organizations, in over 60 countries.

To carry out our founder’s charge, the Herbalife Family Foundation partners with charities and organizations (including Herbalife) to help provide the proper nutrition and education necessary for the wellness of children and communities. The organization responds in the most dire of crises by contributing to disaster relief efforts around the world. In times of need, the Herbalife Family Foundation partners with Feed The Children and the American Red Cross to provide funding for food, supplies, blankets, clothing, and shelter for communities and children globally affected by natural disasters and other humanitarian crises. Each year, the Herbalife Family Foundation recognizes the incredible people who make lifesaving contributions around the world and reflect our Founder’s vision and the HFF mission.

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“With proper nutrition, our children become strong and healthy, and able to focus on the joy of childhood instead of just survival.” – Gerda, CEO, Acres of Love Casa Program in South Africa