Global Humanitarian 2020

Raquel Cortés Jaimes (Mexico)

Raquel Cortes and Abraham Benitez
Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) named Raquel Cortés the 2020 Global Humanitarian Award for her philanthropic efforts supporting her community.

Raquel Cortés is an example of perseverance, integrity and self-improvement. She inspires others to change their lives and achieve their dreams. She is the official godmother of Casa Hogar del Perpetuo Socorro, I.A.P., an organization in Mexico that supports young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. She frequently hosts gatherings in her home for the girls and lends her support whenever it is necessary. It is of utmost importance to her that the girls feel empowered, and that is exactly what she does with her words of encouragement and commitment to them. She leads by example and is truly making a difference in the lives of children.

HNF would also like to commend the altruistic efforts of the 2020 Regional Humanitarian winners from around the world.

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