Global Humanitarian 2022

2022 Global and Regional Humanitarians of the Year

Peter Dahl
Nominations were received from around the world and were evaluated based on the nominee’s philanthropic activity, community leadership, volunteerism and advocacy.

Through their outstanding involvement and dedication, these incredible people have made a significant contribution to changing lives.

In addition to this amazing accomplishment, Global Humanitarians will receive a $10,000 USD donation to give to a charitable organization of their choice, and Regional Humanitarians will receive $2,000 USD.

Peter Dahl – Global Humanitarian & Europe, Middle East & Africa Humanitarian

Peter Dahl has dedicated his time and energy to improving the lives of children and communities in Sweden. He is a prime example of true leadership and was the driving force in establishing the Swedish Association of City Missions, a Casa Herbalife Nutrition partner in the region. With his help, this Swedish Casa has been included in national events, which has led to increased fundraising.

Peter is a generous and consistent donor and often contributes some of his Herbalife Nutrition recognition gifts as prizes for raffles. While raising money is essential, Peter believes giving your time is the most valuable contribution we can all make. Many of his peers and members of his organization have followed his leadership by engaging with his local Casa in Sweden.

Peter was inspired to help others by his grandmother, who often relied on the kindness from local organizations. Today, Peter is making a difference by supporting many of the same organizations his grandmother once received aid from. His commitment to following Mark Hughes’ vision of helping others in need is the perfect reflection of HNF’s mission.

Hoang Trong Hai – Asia Pacific Humanitarian
Hoang Trong Hai and his wife have continued to find new ways to give. Hoang has shown his commitment to helping others by not only providing generous donations, but by also dedicating his time to participate in hands-on activities at local organizations in Vietnam.

In the last year alone, Hoang delivered a motivational speech at the Casa New Year Visiting Program that inspired several children to dream of success. He also volunteered his time and support to the Herbalife Vietnam Go Green program and joined the COVID-19 relief efforts in his country.

Hoang’s humanitarian efforts are contagious. He has introduced new Casa Partners to Herbalife Vietnam and has recruited fellow distributors to volunteer and donate to community programs. Hoang’s passion and ongoing support acts as a shining example on how to serve others.

Sue Farrington – North America Humanitarian
Sue Farrington has a heart of gold and has been famously known for giving back. Since 1998, the year Mark Hughes established HNF, Sue has been donating and volunteering nonstop. In fact, Sue was one of the first Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributors to donate to HNF.

Sue’s dedication to helping those in need is limitless. She spearheads the fundraising initiatives at the Friendly House, a Casa Herbalife Nutrition partner in Massachusetts, and every year, this Casa has one of the highest donation fundraising rates in the North American region.

In addition to fundraising, Sue has played a pivotal role in ensuring funds are properly used for nutrition and fitness. She was instrumental in developing a nutrition program at the Friendly House, where she schedules coaches to teach kids about healthy eating habits and fitness. Sue also extended her charitable activities internationally by going to Guatemala as part of a ministry trip.

Sue’s dedication to consistently helping to improve the lives of children and communities around the world is why she is a legend at HNF.

Mauricio Mier Nava & Alma Isabel Luna Esparza – Mexico Humanitarians
Mauricio Mier Nava embodies the true spirit of the HNF Humanitarian Award through his will to give and modest character. Mauricio used his own resources to help build a space in a public school to provide children in need with breakfast—and he didn’t even tell anyone about his efforts in this project.

Mauricio is always leading by example through his fundraising causes. Whether it’s organizing 5K races, being the Master of Ceremonies at the first virtual Gala in Mexico, or giving gifts to children during the holidays, Mauricio always prioritizes time to give.

He has committed his time to improving the lives of countless families and children through HNF, Amanc Zacatecas, A.C., a Casa Herbalife Nutrition partner in Mexico, and so many more organizations. Mauricio’s leadership has inspired not only his own team, but many other distributors from other regions to unite in the spirit of giving.

Manuel Estrada & Guiliana Gutiérrez – South & Central America Humanitarians
Manuel Estrada & Guiliana Gutiérrez have always been a consistent example of selflessness. They are both always the first to volunteer, donate and collaborate with the HNF initiatives. Their efforts have earned a reputation for their reliability and compassion.

Manuel and Guiliana are always available to organize food drives and lend a hand at events. Even when the pandemic began in 2020, they both quickly found ways to pivot and support their community virtually. They have made giving back more than a part-time passion project. It’s now a part of their business model. They always take the opportunity to inspire other distributors and customers to actively participate in giving.

Last Fall, Manuel and Guilana were the first to sign up for #DuplicoMiCaja, a regional food drive. They also created a video to enlist the help of fellow distributors for this collection.  When there is a need to be filled, we always know we can count on them.