A Handful of Advice for a Happy & Healthy Life

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The Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) is dedicated to supporting good nutrition for children. For nearly 30 years, HNF has worked with Casa Herbalife partners around the world to provide grants for nutritious meals and nutrition education to communities.

Our help is needed now more than ever. Research shows child malnutrition rates around the world are rising. This summer, HNF implemented a HealthyLifestyle4All (HL4A) project, utilizing our internal expertise and reach across multiple European union (EU) countries to educate children about healthy lifestyles.

Dr. Julian Alvarez, who is a dietitian and specialist in physical education, recently shared advice for a happy and healthy life. Check out all the health tips below.

HealthyLifestyle4All (HL4A) is the European Commission’s (EC) two-year campaign promoting healthy active lifestyle. You can see our pledge to the EC website here. The online guide will be available to our Casa Herbalife partners to raise awareness among the youth about the importance of sports, nutrition, hydration, mental wellbeing, and sleep.