Month: October 2022

Herbalife Nutrition Foundation Launches New Casas in Malaysia & Rome

Friday, October 21, 2022

Ver mensaje en español The Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) has added two more Casa Herbalife Nutrition global partners, continuing its’ mission to help improve the lives of children and communities around the world. HNF announced their new partnership with Hope Mission Welfare Society, also known as Pertubuhan Kebajikan Misi Harapan, in Malaysia and Peter Pan … Read More

This or That? Herbalife Nutrition Experts Give Healthier Food Options

Friday, October 21, 2022

Ver mensaje en español With so much information on the internet, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what foods are the healthiest to eat. Herbalife Nutrition experts Susan Bowerman and Michelle Ricker are here to help you decide which foods are the healthiest choice! What’s Better: Fresh or Frozen Fruits and Vegetables? “In some cases, … Read More