Ana Shares How She Went from Receiving Casa Support as a Child to Now Working for the Casa an Adult

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Ana grew up at Aldeas Infantiles, a Casa Herbalife organization in Spain. Years later, she’s now working with the Casa to serve children, young people, and families who are in vulnerable situations.

“Aldeas Infantiles has always been there to guide me along the way,” said Ana. “It has been crucial and helpful in my personal growth.”

HNF has partnered with the orphanage since 2006 to support the most disadvantaged children in Spain. Aldeas Infantiles believes that no child is born to grow alone, and they are committed to promoting a child’s development and autonomy through placement in protective family environments.

“In the last three years alone, we have donated more than USD $251,013 through the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation to Aldeas Infantiles,” said Tara López, General Director of Herbalife Spain. “We collaborated to feed a large number of children, as well as supported their families with food vouchers. It makes us very happy to continue supporting them in the best way we know how.”

It’s amazing to see just how much we can help impact the lives of children. Ana has experienced a full circle moment with Aldeas Infantiles and is now using her platform to help raise awareness about how the Casa has impacted her life.

“We have the stability and peace of mind that, no matter what happens, Aldeas Infantiles will be there to support us and be there when we need them, like the big family we feel we are,” said Ana.

Learn more about how you can help children in need and watch more about Aldeas Infantiles below.