Andreza, a soccer player in Brazil

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Andreza was 6 years old when she moved to Aldeias Infantis SOS (AIS), one of our Casa Herbalife Nutrition partners in Brazil.

The staff at the organization described her as a “passionate and talented girl who loves running and soccer.” Sadly, her family was not able to provide the education and nutrition needed for her to succeed in sports. But when she first came to AIS, the staff was very excited because they had never seen someone with so much talent.

They encouraged her to study and practice every day, gave her access to better nutrition to improve her performance and took her to multiple competitions around Iguassu. Today, we are happy to say that Andreza has won several race medals at Iguassu, and that she was one of the 14 girls chosen out of 200 girls to integrate the junior soccer team of Sport Clube Do Recife, one of the largest soccer teams in the region!

With the help of associations like Aldeias Infantis SOS, children like Andreza receive the love and care that their families couldn’t offer by providing access to social protection, education, health care and vocational training, to improve their chances to succeed in life.

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