Casa Spotlight: Angkor Hospital for Children – Cambodia

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The Angkor Hospital for Children, our Casa Herbalife Nutrition partner, is dedicated to improving the lives of children in Cambodia. Since 2019, the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation has partnered with Angkor Hospital to provide people from low-income families with basic nutrition and wellness education.

One of the many children who’s received support is two-year-old Sorphoan. Sorphoan was born with a cleft palate and suffered from acute malnutrition because she had to rely on a feeding tube to eat.

Through HNF’s support, the hospital’s nutrition team provided Sorphoan with a customized feeding formula that significantly improved her condition. She gained enough strength and weight to eventually have cleft palate surgery. During Sorphoan’s hospitalization, her father also learned how to prepare nutritious meals for his infant through a program funded by HNF.

Watch Sorphoan’s incredible journey below.