Casa Spotlight: Fundación Sinsoluka – Ecuador

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The Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) is committed to supporting children and families in vulnerable communities around the world. Every year, HNF distributes grants to over 160 Casa Herbalife Nutrition partners, including Fundación Sinsoluka in Ecuador. Before receiving our support, many children at Fundación Sinsoluka suffered from malnutrition, homelessness, and abandonment. 

“The Herbalife Nutrition Foundation was the only one that decided to support us after witnessing our reality,” said Mario Piedra, Director of Sinsoluka. “They decided to give us a space where kids could feel safe, where they could talk about their problems and have a helping hand.” 

Since 2010, HNF has distributed over $400,000 in grant support to Fundación Sinsoluka to help provide access to healthy nutrition and after school programs to nearly 3,000 children.

“The people who help these children have given them something to live for,” said Piedra. “Their families can feel safe that there is someone who trusts and believes in them. Thanks Herbalife Nutrition for believing in us.”

Watch HNF’s impact at Casa Fundación Sinsoluka below.