Casa Spotlight: SOS Children’s Villages Philippines

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SOS Children’s Villages Philippines is a Casa Herbalife Nutrition partner committed to providing family-like care to children in need. Since 2010, the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) has partnered with the orphanage to help nearly 9,000 children.

“When other people get to know that I don’t have parents or a family, they always pity me,” said Maria, who grew up receiving support from SOS Children’s Villages Philippines. “But I always tell them, ‘No, don’t pity me.’ Because I had a fun and memorable childhood at SOS.”

Maria is a great example of what happens when you invest into a child’s life. At SOS Children’s Villages, Maria excelled in both academic and extracurricular activities and at 17, she received a full scholarship to attend a college in Hong Kong.

“Without SOS, I would never be where I am today,” said Maria. I would never have the education that I have. SOS enabled me to achieve my dreams and become successful in life.”

Through the generosity of our supporters and donors, HNF has provided almost $500,000 in grants to SOS Children’s Villages Philippines and given hope to so many at the Casa.

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