Casa Spotlight: Sunshine Butterflies – Australia

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Sunshine Butterflies, a Casa Herbalife Nutrition partner in Australia, is dedicated to reducing the stigma of disability.

Since 2017, the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) has partnered with Sunshine Butterflies to provide a space for families and individuals with disabilities to learn cooking skills and experience nutritious meals.

“With HNF’s grant support, Sunshine Butterflies is able to create much-needed programs and services that are life-changing,” said Leanne Walsh, Sunshine Butterflies Founder & CEO. “Our cooking school program allows our members to learn everything about cooking.”

Members of the disability support organization have even created a cookbook for people of all abilities.

“Throughout our fabulous cooking book, you can see how happy our chefs are,” says Walsh. “Thanks to the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation for the amazing year that you’ve given us.”

HNF has granted $120,000 to Sunshine Butterflies to help almost 3,000 individuals since 2017. Watch the video below to learn more about Sunshine Butterflies.