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Herbalife Family Foundation provides financial support for organizations that help people in need. We support charities across the United States and in 59 countries around the world. Get to know some of our charities, volunteers, supporters, and stories now! Read on to learn more about what your generous donations have helped us accomplish. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of people in need.

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A Place Called Home

Nutrition is critical, but so are affordable enrichment activities and safe social support for kids. 

We’re so proud to support A Place Called Home, a neighborhood community center in South Los Angeles. APCH’s mission is to inspire, encourage, and support the young people in South Los Angeles to achieve social, emotional, and economic success. They create a safe and supportive place for kids to play with peers, learn new skills, participate in sports, and take enrichment classes like dance, art, and even sports medicine!

APCH also provides transportation to and from the center and nutritious meals and snacks. All of this is available at low or no cost, giving the young people in the South Los Angeles community access to activities like sports, recreation, and education and vital social support and resources they might otherwise go without. 

Watch this video to hear what some kids and volunteers like best about A Place Called Home.

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Meet Alice/Action for Children

When it comes to helping others, everyone has a “why.” For us, stories like this one show how much of an impact we can all have when we give to others. 

Meet Alice, a UK child living in poverty before being helped by Action for Children.

Alice’s family struggled financially and could not meet her basic needs. Without heat, their home was cold and damp. Without money for groceries, they couldn’t put food in the cupboards. Alice didn’t have a bed and slept in a wardrobe that doubled as a toilet. 

Alice was taken in by Action for Children when she was four years old. Her life has improved dramatically since then. Her basic needs are met: a warm home, nutritious food, and a safe bed to sleep in. 

As we would expect with anyone coming out of difficult living conditions, she still has healing to do. But every bit of progress she makes is a blessing. She has what she needs to be healthy and safe now, and her confidence is slowly building. 

Marie, Alice’s Action for Children Key Worker, says, “Hearing Alice laugh now is magical!”

A photo of Alice smiling on a couch

In the UK, millions of children just like her are living in poverty. They’re missing meals and living in cold, dark homes because they cannot afford food or pay the bills. The financial hardship our frontline staff are seeing today is the worst they can remember, and families are at a breaking point. Poverty often negatively impacts generations. That’s why we must continue the work we are doing and help more kids just like Alice.

Because of your help, the Herbalife Family Foundation can continue to support Action for Children. Together, we can support them as they help give more children like Alice a brighter future. What’s your why? Share this story with your friends and family on social media and let them know why you support the good work Herbalife Family Foundation funds!

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Global Humanitarians

Herbalife Family Foundation can make a difference for people worldwide because we have incredible supporters committed to changing lives every day. Two of these supporters are our Global Humanitarians, Alan Lu and Zoy Wen, who volunteer their time at our various Casas. 

As children, they received charity support, so they now view their volunteer work as a way to give back. They also believe that everyone who seeks to contribute their support can make a real difference for people in need. When asked what advice they have for others who want to make a difference, they say, “You can accomplish more when you start with a clear goal, plan, and then take action. When you have a clear idea of how to help, you shouldn’t hesitate or waste time; you should just do it!”

So, what have these two dedicated Casa volunteers accomplished?

  • They recruited and organized 60-100 Herbalife Independent Distributors to visit our Casa Herbalife partners Kaohsiung Municipal Shanlin Primary School and Fu-Yuang Elementary School for 2-3 separate visits.
  • They designed games for the volunteers to play with the children at the Casas during their 2-hour visits.
  • They prepared gifts with school bags, stationary supplies, and shakes for each child at the Casa.
  • They encouraged 300 of the distributors on their team to join the Casa Friends Program in Taiwan.
  • They participate in fundraising and auctions for Casa Friends, including a Pin fundraiser, where they sold HFF pins to show support for the mission. 
  • They continue to promote HFF’s good work during monthly distributor meetings and Monthly Customer Day, as well as in their daily work and outreach, reaching thousands of supporters every month.

Alan and Zoy’s efforts have helped them recruit over 60% of Taiwan’s Casa Friends members! Because of their support, Herbalife Family Foundation has been able to continue supporting Casas in Taiwan. We’re so thankful for them and all of our generous supporters. Share this story with your network to let them know how you support HFF!

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World Hunger/Angkor Hospital for Children 

Addressing world hunger is a top priority for our team at Herbalife Family Foundation, and we know it’s one of yours, too. 

Hunger is more common than some might think. In fact, nearly 1 in 10 people go to bed hungry each night. Women and children are among those most likely to experience hunger. An estimated 36 million children under the age of 5 across 32 countries face acute malnutrition.*

Even though these numbers are disheartening, we can all make a real difference for people experiencing poverty and hunger with our hope, dedication, and generosity. Mrs. Sroeu Phannsy is doing just that at AHC. 

As AHC’s nutrition team leader, she says, “Working at AHC continues to be such a rewarding experience for me. Proper nutrition is vital to changing and improving the lives of every child, and we support families to make this happen. Our nutrition team is busy every day with many different activities. We provide nutrition education and supplements to those who need them.”

The Kong Sreyneang Family from Rok Kandal village is one of the families that received life-changing support from AHC. Mrs. Kong Sreyneang is the mother of premature twin boys. After one of the boys passed away, AHC helped support the family to keep his twin healthy.

Mrs. Kong Sreyneang with her son

“When I gave birth, my twins were so small. I was so sad when one died. I feel he could have lived if I had known about AHC sooner. While caring for my child at AHC, I learned the importance of breastfeeding, how to breastfeed, and the importance of nutrition for children. The staff checked on us all the time. I feel confident now about raising my precious child with all the knowledge I have gained here. I will share everything I know to new mothers in my village.” –Mrs. Kong Sreyneang

Mrs. Sroeu Phannsy works with mothers like Mrs. Kong Sreyneang to improve their children’s health and well-being. Her daily routine consists of checking on patients, facilitating group counseling sessions, and preparing special formulas for those who need extra nutritional support. 

She says that her team is important for all children, not just those who are malnourished. Nutrition support helps children at AHC recover faster, improves treatment outcomes, and helps them return home sooner to be with their whole family.

AHC nutrition team preparing ingredients for a special meal

Your generous support of the Herbalife Family Foundation helps us support charities like AHC so they can continue providing critical healthcare and nutrition services to people in need.  Because of you, we can make a real impact for real people!

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*Data sources: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (2023), GRFC 2024,

Thank You

A message of gratitude for 30 years of giving

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm for HFF’s mission. Because of supporters and distributors like you, we can continue giving back globally and make a difference for entire communities and generations. 

We wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for your support of the Herbalife Family Foundation. Your generous donations have enabled charities to do life-changing work.

Please take a moment to view this special message from Herbalife Chairman and CEO Michael Johnson and consider sharing your “why” with your families and friends.

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