Global Food Insecurity Stats Prove Why Our Work is Important

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World hunger is a growing problem that has increased dramatically since the start of the global pandemic. According to Food and Agriculture (FAO) statistics, in 2021, about 2.3 billion people were moderately or severely food insecure. That is nearly 30 percent of the global population. Here are some more shocking stats from a 2021 FAO report that show why it’s so important for HNF to reach vulnerable communities.

  • During the global pandemic, the amount of undernourished people in the world jumped from 8 to 9.8 percent, an increase of almost 150 million people.
  • An estimated 828 million people are affected by hunger
  • Who is affected by hunger? 278 million people in Africa, 425 million people in Asia, 56.5 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Unfortunately, these numbers are expected to increase. FAO estimates that nearly 670 million people will still be undernourished in 2030, that’s 8% of the world population.

HNF is determined to combat this issue of world hunger. Through the Casa Herbalife program, HNF provides millions of dollars in funding to 170 organizations, including orphanages, hospitals, and schools in 59 counties around the world. HNF is committed to improving the lives of children and communities. In 2022, we served more than 229,000 children.

But, we can’t do this alone. Learn more about how you can help us provide support to vulnerable children around the world.