Herbalife Employees Come Together to Provide Winter Essentials to Casa in Brazil  

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As temperatures drop in Brazil during the winter, Casa children need more warm clothing and bedding essentials. When ALMA Guarujá, our Casa Herbalife Nutrition partner in Brazil, shared that they needed support, several Herbalife employees stepped up to meet their immediate needs.

Altogether, the Herbalife Brazil managers teamed up to provide 42 units of children’s socks and underwear, 26 units of long sleeve shirts, 20 units of sheet and pillowcase sets, 20 units of bath towels, and 6 units of children’s pajamas for the orphanage.

“These donations will help children sleep better on new, dry sheets, as well as having more appropriate clothes for winter nights in the coast,” said Eliana Monteiro and Vagnar Lareine, workers at the Casa.

ALMA Guarujá, or “Associação de Amigos do Lar do Menor Assistido,” helps 20 children (0-7 years old) in Guarujá – SP, Brazil, by providing shelter, good nutrition, and safety until the children can return to their family or receive a referral to a surrogate family.

HNF has supported ALMA Guarujá since 2012 with 12 grants totaling over $225K to help over 300 children!

Learn more about our Casa Herbalife Nutrition partner at http://www.almaguaruja.com.