Hungry & Inspired: The best recipes from Fruit & Veggie Month!

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Thank you to everyone who submitted their favorite recipes that featured healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables! There were quite a few tasty concoctions shared, and we had the tough task of selecting just two of our very favorites! 

Take a look below and whip up something special soon!

Fruit-Based Recipe Selection:
From: Clarissa S. 
Recipe: Deviled Strawberries
A fresh take on the classic recipe typically using eggs, this unique formula from Clarissa caught our eye as a sweet but nutritious treat featuring fresh strawberries! 

  1. Clean and wash your strawberries
  2. Pat with a paper towel to remove excess water 
  3. Cut strawberries in half lengthwise along the stem, and slice a small part of the rounded side of the strawberries so that they can sit flat. 
  4. Use a melon baller or teaspoon to scoop a small bowl in the inside part of the strawberry
  5. Cheesecake filling is combined in a bowl, whisking greek yogurt, cream cheese and your favorite protein supplement until well-mixed. Add in extra strawberry from scooping out the spots for the filling if desired. 
  6. Once you’ve made the filling a smooth consistency, scoop the filling into the strawberries, chill until ready to serve!


Veggie-Based Recipe Selection: 
From: Rana D. 
Recipe: Refreshing fava bean salad 
Rana sent us this recipe featuring nutrient-dense beans, fresh veggies, and a tart and refreshing dressing perfect for these extra-hot summer days (no stovetop required!) 

  1. Drain and rinse:  one can of whole Fava beans, one can of whole chickpeas, add to large mixing bowl 
  2. Dice one whole tomato (roma, heirloom – whichever you choose!) 
  3. Finely chop a sprig of parsley 
  4. Dice a whole cucumber 
  5. In a separate smaller bowl, mix ¼ cup lemon juice, 1 teaspoon salt, one tablespoon olive oil. Add in additional herbs and spices as desired, mix well. 
  6. Combine all ingredients in large mixing bowl, stir thoroughly to ensure liquids coat your tomato, cucumber and beans. 
  7. Serve chilled for the most refreshing meal or snack! For meal prep, keep ingredients separate until you’re ready to eat and mix right before serving.