Lily Missions Center through the eyes of a child

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Every summer, children have the opportunity to enjoy different activities at the Lily Missions Center (LMC), a Casa Herbalife Nutrition partner in North America. Some of these activities include: music lessons, summer school, gardening, reading, cooking classes and more!

Anna, one of the participants at the six-week summer program, shared her fascinating experience that she enjoyed last year along with her siblings.

Before starting the summer program, Anna preferred watching TV over reading. At the camp, she tried many activities, such as music and cooking but surprisingly one of her favorite activities was the reading program. She said, that they have a big selection of interesting books and children are able to take the books back home to continue reading together with her family. Her favorite reading genre is young romance and adventure.

Anna is very thankful to the staff and donors for giving books to the LMC library because now she can pick a different one every week!

When children like Anna start reading at a young age, they are introduced to new vocabulary and new ideas, and both are essential for children to succeed in school. Thanks to organizations like LMC, Anna is improving her reading skills and now prefers to read at home instead of watching tv.

Lily Missions Center’s main mission is to help children succeed in school by offering an after-school program and Summer program. Here, they receive assistance with homework, tutoring, work, social skills and extra curriculum activities.

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