Motherhood in an underdeveloped country like Mexico

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Being a mother is hard enough with all the responsibilities you gain when having a child. It’s a little easier when you have somebody by your side helping you get through the day. But let’s be realistic, this is not always the case. For various reasons, many women around the world are raising their children on their own. Alicia is one of them.

For Alicia, motherhood has never been easy. She lost her husband several years ago, was left alone with three young girls and unfortunately her salary was not enough for the family. She struggled for years, working full-time, fitting in hours around the kid’s schedules and leaving them by themselves at the house because nobody could take care of them.

When Alicia first heard about Hogar para Niñas Elena Domene de González, she hesitated because she didn’t know anything about the organization, but after doing a little research she decided it was the best option for her family. A few months after joining the program, Alicia shared that her kids come home very excited and eager to tell her all about their sports classes, cooking lessons and how they have more than three meals a day.

Alicia is a great example of what can be done when single mothers are given a chance. Hogar para Niñas Elena Domene de González gave her the help she needed by providing nutrition and education to her children on the weekdays. Today, she has the opportunity to go to work full-time, so she can provide the essentials her family needs.

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