The Benefits of Cooking with Your Kids

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Cooking with kids can be a really a fun way to bond as a family and improve your loved ones’ healthy lifestyles. Eating more home-cooked meals is also associated with a higher intake of vegetables, fruits and dairy products with less calories and fat. Here’s five other benefits of cooking with your kids:

  • Help them develop an appreciation for healthy foods – Children are likely to follow the lead of their parents if they are making healthy food choices. Cooking and eating together will help kids develop an appreciation for healthy foods with the family.
  • Encourage kids to try new foods – When kids are involved in the cooking process of preparing and selecting ingredients, they are more likely to be invested in trying what they made. The cooking experience will help them become more open to trying out new recipes.
  • Enhance their fine motor skills – When your kids are involved in meal prep activities like stirring and mixing ingredients, or chopping vegetables, it’s a great way to enhance their fine motor strength, control, and eye-hand coordination.
  • Increase their focus and attention – Children can learn how to be attentive to details and how to follow recipe steps correctly when cooking. This is a great way to increase their focus and attention while cooking.
  • Self-esteem booster – When kids have a sense of pride and independence after preparing a meal, it boosts their self-esteem. Below are a few family-friendly recipes that can help your kids feel good in the kitchen.

HNF also has a Facebook channel dedicated to healthy recipes. Check it out and enjoy fun with the whole family!