This or That? Herbalife Nutrition Experts Give Healthier Food Options

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With so much information on the internet, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what foods are the healthiest to eat. Herbalife Nutrition experts Susan Bowerman and Michelle Ricker are here to help you decide which foods are the healthiest choice!

What’s Better: Fresh or Frozen Fruits and Vegetables?

“In some cases, frozen is better since fruits and veggies are processed very quickly after picking and nutrients are preserved at their peak,” says Susan, Senior Director of Worldwide Health Education.

Protein Shakes or Smoothies?

“Protein shakes win because most smoothies are all fruit and juice, which adds a lot of sugar,” says Michelle, Director of Worldwide Health Education.

Butter or Cream Cheese? 

“Cream cheese has some protein and proportionally less fat, as well as some calcium, so slight edge for cream cheese,” said Susan.

Pretzels or Peanuts? 

“Peanuts are better than pretzels because they provide some protein,” says Susan. “And some valuable nutrients and some healthy fats,” added Michelle.

Donut or Bagel?

“Bagels generally will have little or no added sugar or fat, but the calories per serving are a lot higher than most donuts,” said Michelle.

We hope this helps provide clarity on which foods are the healthiest! If you are interested in helping children and communities also have life-changing nutrition, give now.