Week 2 Challenge: Help a Friend

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Today marks Week 2 of the #HNF25DayChallenge. It’s never too late to make a positive change, so it’s OK if you’re just getting started. Like us on Facebook to get daily challenge updates and read on to find out this week’s challenge activity.

This Week’s Challenge: Help a Friend in Need

Activity: Do something kind for someone in your life who is going through a tough time or who could benefit from your love and support

Bonus: Take a photo of your act of kindness and share it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #HNF25DayChallenge… What is your “super-power” or gift that you share with those around you?

When it comes to our emotional and physical health, relationships are of paramount importance. The National Institute of Health found that the presence of supportive social relationships is linked to a longer life, reduced stress and heart-related risks, improved immune system response, and overall well-being. Faith’s story shows us what’s possible when we have a little help from our friends.

Casa Herbalife Spotlight: Faith

At 9 years old, Faith is the sole caregiver for her mother who has terminal cancer and has become very debilitated by her treatments. Faith originally came to our Casa partner, Action for Children for academic support, but was quickly offered a space in the Cooking Club.

In a very short period of time, cooking class has become a lifeline for Faith. She’s an enthusiastic participant in cooking classes, tries new foods, and always takes a meal home for her mother. Faith has also made friends and for the first time ever, she has a support network of children her age. Her mother has told us that the classes have given Faith something to look forward to and a source of stable support.

Everyone Needs Loving Relationships.

We also know that caring relationships are a vital part of every child’s development. Sadly, many children around the world are growing up without a loving caregiver or supportive peer group. That’s why Herbalife Nutrition Foundation provides funding to orphanages, shelters, schools, after-school programs that provide children with more than just consistent nutrition… but the caring relationships they need to thrive. Find out how you can support our Casa Herbalife programs here.

Ready to take this week’s challenge? We can’t wait to see how much kindness we can create together. Don’t forget to take a moment to share your #HNF25DayChallenge moment to Instagram!