Week 3 Challenge: Acts of Service

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We’re halfway through our #HNF25DayChallenge. Already, we’re seeing how simple acts of nourishment and kindness are making a difference in the lives of our community and beyond. Haven’t joined yet? It’s not too late to take part in the #HNF25DayChallenge. Like us on Facebook to join our challenge community.

This Week’s Challenge: Acts of Service

Activity: Sign up to volunteer in your community (for a local nonprofit, after school program, or connect with casas in your region

Bonus: Take a photo of you volunteering and share it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #HNF25DayChallenge… Want to go big? Invite your friends and family to volunteer with you and make a bigger impact in your community!

Casa Herbalife Spotlight: Sue Farrington, Friendly House

#HNF25DayChallenge Week 3: Acts of Service

For Sue, giving back and being involved with Herbalife Nutrition Foundation is very personal. As she says, “When I was at a low point in my life, the Herbalife Nutrition community was the helping hand I needed”. Through the support of this community, she identified “choices and opportunities that just weren’t there before”.

In 2013, she and her son founded a nutrition club, Fit Livin’, in Worcester, Massachusetts. Then in 2015, she and a team of distributors started their own local Casa Herbalife program by partnering with Friendly House, which provides services to inner-city children and families in the Worchester area. Together, they created fitness programs and nutrition education for kids. Every week at Friendly House, Sue and distributors from all over New England teach fun classes on the importance of nutrition. This work has enriched Sue’s life and brought her closer to her family and her community.

Volunteering puts our purpose of making the world healthier and happier. Beyond the altruistic reasons, volunteerism is also associated with many health benefits. A study from Carnegie Mellon University indicates that adults over age 50 who volunteered on a regular basis were less likely to develop high blood pressure than non-volunteers and had a longer lifespan.

Casa Herbalife’s Origin Story

Volunteerism is part of the DNA of Herbalife and part of Herbalife Nutrition Foundation’s origin story. In 1998, Mark Hughes visited a dilapidated orphanage in Rio de Janeiro. There was no way he could ignore such tremendous need, so he provided funds to renovate the building, which then became known as Casa Herbalife. Twenty years later, we now support more than 130 Casa Herbalife programs around the world. Find out how you can support our Casa Herbalife programs here.

Ready to take this week’s challenge? Join the Herbalife community by giving back to your community today. Don’t forget to take a moment to share your #HNF25DayChallenge moment to instagram!