World Humanitarian Day: Honoring our HNF humanitarians

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For us, promoting children’s nutrition and health is a full-time job. Each and every day, we strive to ensure that children and families from all across the globe, receive access to the meals, nutrition, and care they need to transform their lives. Although our work wouldn’t be possible without the support of this community.

That’s why, on this August 19th, World Humanitarian Day, we want to honor our 2020 Herbalife Nutrition Foundation humanitarians who have exemplify the Foundation’s mission and have made a significant contribution to helping those in need.

These humanitarians have shown and impactful philanthropic activity, community leadership, volunteerism and advocacy. They help promote goodwill for HNF, are proactive in their community and help lead fundraising and volunteer efforts.

Asia Pacific honoree: Kia Chun Loo

Loo, Kai Chun gives back in more ways than one. On a regular basis, he helps provide fresh food to an orphanage so that children in need get good, nutritious meals. He also volunteers at a home for senior citizens and abandoned disabled children, engaging with them in ways that truly make a difference in their lives. He is committed to making a positive impact in his community, and it truly shows through his leadership and dedication.

Europe, Middle East and Africa honoree: Natália Ferreira

Natália is a passionate supporter of the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation. She actively inspires others to go out into their communities and help make a difference. She regularly volunteers with several organizations, including Helpo, a non-governmental organization based in Portugal. She highlighted Helpo’s work when it was responding to the Cyclone Idai disaster in Mozambique and neighboring countries and inspired the rest of the Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributor leadership in Portugal to donate in order to help the 87,000 people displaced from their homes. She is a true leader when it comes to giving back and does it all out of the goodness of her heart.

Mexico honoree: Raquel Cortés Jaimes

Raquel Cortes is an example of perseverance, integrity and self-improvement. She inspires others to change their lives and achieve their dreams. She is the official godmother of Casa Hogar del Perpetuo Socorro, I.A.P., an organization in Mexico that supports young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. She frequently hosts gatherings in her home for the girls and lends her support whenever it is necessary. It is of utmost importance to her that the girls feel empowered, and that is exactly what she does with her words of encouragement and commitment to them. She leads by example and is truly making a difference in the lives of girls in Mexico.

South and Central America honoree: Fernando “Nani” & Judith Rancel Marquez

For over 20 years, they have given unconditional support to charities that help vulnerable children in Venezuela. They were instrumental in helping the charities Asoprogar and Casa Hogar Nido Alegre become part of the Casa Herbalife Nutrition program, working with local Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributors to solicit volunteers and contributions. They have a passion for giving back and motivating others to make a difference in the lives of others. Their community comes first, and it truly shows, having returned to Venezuela to ensure that they are making a difference, one person at a time.

North America honoree: Dominique Montes

A prime example of true leadership, Dominique began the Royal Run for Hope in 2012 when she and a group of friends wanted to give back to the community. Other Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributors worked for the local children’s hospital and helped her gather the information needed to see where they could make the largest impact. Once it was decided that the department of pediatric oncology was in need, they began fundraising and eventually established the Royal Run for Hope 5k. The first year, the event raised over $10,000 and continues to grow each year. As of now, the Royal Run for Hope has now grown to 768 participants, with the support and participation of running teams from other organizations.