Celebrating Mark Hughes, Improving Children’s Lives Since 1994

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Every February, we celebrate Herbalife Founder & First Distributor, Mark Hughes, but this year marks a special anniversary. Thirty years ago, Mark had a dream to make a difference in the lives of children by helping organizations provide healthy nutrition to those in need. HNF strives to grow our impact and to continue carrying out Mark’s vision.

Since 2005, HNF has granted over $50 million to organizations worldwide. The Foundation currently helps over 206,000 children in 61 countries. HNF also supports relief efforts and responds to natural disasters globally.

In honor of Mark Hughes’ legacy, we reached out to our network of supporters to ask how Mark has inspired them to give back in their community. Check out some of the responses:

“Once a month I donate my time by volunteering at my local food bank,” said Melissa Ledford. “I help serve people who are less fortunate.”

“My kids and I cook meals and distribute them for the unhoused with a bottle of water and utensils,” said Laurie Ramirez. “We try to do this every year around the holidays.”

“My wife and I assist the unhoused by preparing and distributing sack lunches and personal supplies,” said Mark Holmes. “We support missionaries, Habitat for Humanity, local creek cleanup efforts and donate holiday dinners for families in need.”

Thank you to everyone who submitted responses. Check out more here. We look forward to celebrating our 30th Anniversary throughout the year.

Mark once said, “Together, we can all make a better world for people to live in.” And that’s what we plan to do with your help. Learn more about how you can help improve the lives of children and communities.